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So, let’s get started!

First, go to Google Adwords

Click “Campaigns”

Click “Shared Library”

Click the “View” link inside the “Audiences” box


Next, click the green “New audience” button, and select “Remarketing list”.

Remarketing Walkthrough 02


If you haven’t added the remarketing search snippet to your site, you’ll want to select “Define a list of visitors by placing a new tag on your site”, and then select “New tag”.

Retargeting walkthrough 03

Set the duration of the cookie (540 days is the maximum) and give your list a name. Make sure you also read through Google’s Remarketing Program Policy (you need to have a privacy policy on your site!), as well as the Google Adwords Help section on adding the remarketing tag to your site, and select save.

Retargeting Walkthrough 04

Now that your Remarketing list is created, click the “Tag” link on the right.

Retargeting Walkthrough 05

Finally! Click the text area, copy and paste, and place it within the <body> </body> code of your site. If you’re looking to add remarketing to your entire site, make sure to place this code on every page.

Retargeting Walkthrough 06

You now have Remarketing installed across your site! I added remarketing tags to my side project, ClickMinded, and have been able to play with the messaging that previous visitors to my site receive while they’re browsing any site in the AdSense network. It’s an extremely powerful tool, and there aren’t a lot of reasons not to add the tag, even if you don’t have any budget allocated for paid marketing.

I hope that was helpful!