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Chatbots help real estate agents can generate leads, onboard clients, communicate with clients and increase productivity.

The best way for real estate agents to use chatbots is to help generate leads, onboard clients and communicate with clients. They can also increase productivity by automating follow up tasks so agents don’t need to do it manually.

Real estate agents can use bots in lead generation by having them ask questions about a home buyer’s needs, likes and budget. The bot will then connect them with relevant agents who are able to help that particular buyer find their dream home.

Facebook Real Estate Leads

The Homebot Facebook Real Estate Lead Magnet is the perfect way to get buyers and sellers connected.

It’s a no brainer for real estate agents who want to attract more leads, boost their numbers and stay at the top of mind with their target audience.

The HomeBot Lead Magnet will help you connect with buyers and sellers by creating custom landing pages that are tailored to your specific needs in just minutes!

Automated Lead Flow

Lead flow is the process of moving leads from one stage to the next.

Leads are people who are interested in your product, but aren’t ready to buy.

A lead flow might look something like this:

Step 1: Leads sign up for a newsletter

Step 2: Leads receive automated emails with useful content and offers

Step 3: After following you on social media for a period of time, leads are asked if they’re ready to meet with a salesperson

Lead Pipeline

In terms of a real estate agent or brokerage, a lead pipeline is used to maximize the quality of leads. A lead pipeline is also used to minimize time for salespeople to close deals and maximize their efficiency.

Leads are collected from different sources like websites, partners, social media networks, etc. Then each lead goes through an onboarding process where you determine if they are a good fit for your business and qualify them as either hot or cold prospects. The hot prospects are then passed along to sales staff for further nurturing before converting them into customers through selling strategies such as writing customized emails based on information extracted from the database or automating calls via voice recognition technology.

Automated Follow up

  • The key to successful follow up is keeping your pitch sharp and relevant.
  • You don’t want to spam your clients with irrelevant questions or information, but you also don’t want them to forget about you!
  • A chatbot can help automate the process of sending out timely follow ups by:
  • Asking clients a set of pre-determined questions about their property search, which will help remind them about you and generate leads for future business.
  • Sending out relevant information, such as new listings in their area or videos from local experts.