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Facebook is a social media platform that allows you to connect with your audience. It’s not just a place to post pictures of your cat and communicate with old friends, it’s also an important marketing tool for real estate agents.

When using Facebook for marketing, you need to make sure that you’re posting relevant content and engaging with users in order to build up an audience. If you want people to pay attention when they see your posts in their newsfeeds, then it’s important that you create a Facebook Page instead of a personal profile.

To start building up followers on Facebook:

  • Create the Page – Once you’ve created the page, add some information about what kind of business or service they offer so people know before they follow them (e.g., “We’re local real estate agents based in London.”). Also add some pictures and videos here too! This will help build trust between yourself and potential customers as soon as possible so make sure everything looks professional but also fun!

Post-Listing Videos

As of this writing, Facebook allows you to post a video that lasts up to 90 seconds. Take advantage of this time limit and make the most of it!

  • Use the neighborhood in your video. Showing off the neighborhood can help sell homes faster because people will see what their friends are posting about their new home or vacation spot.
  • Use pictures from inside and outside the house (if available). You could even use drone footage if you’re feeling ambitious enough for that extra mile! The point is, people want to know exactly what they’re getting into when they look at your listing page so don’t hold back on details like these ones here!

Curate to Educate

Curate to educate

  • Use Facebook to educate your clients. As a realtor, your clients need information. You can help them by sharing fun and interesting content through the use of videos and infographics. This helps you stay top of mind when they are ready to buy or sell their property. Posting about events that occur locally is also a great way for you to share information about your community with potential buyers or sellers as well as those who are already living there! You can also use your page for other forms of education such as sharing market statistics from around town so potential buyers have all the facts before making an offer on a home in this neighborhood!
  • Share info about local events and festivals! Who doesn’t love attending a good festival once in awhile? Whether it’s an annual event like Oktoberfest or something more spontaneous like The Santa Monica Seafood Festival (which should be happening soon), sharing these types of things on social media will encourage people closer together socially while still being able to maintain any kind privacy because no one has access inside your personal account unless they actually know someone who works at Facebook itself haha 😉

Get Out There and Network

Now that we’ve covered how to set up your Facebook page and optimize it, it’s time to start connecting with others. The first step is simply getting out there and talking about real estate. It doesn’t matter if you can’t sell a house yet; all that matters is that you’re developing relationships and getting your name out there.

One of the best things about Facebook is that it allows you to connect with other businesses, organizations, and individuals in your area or field of expertise who may be interested in networking with you or becoming a client of yours down the road. There are so many ways to do this:

  • Connect with local businesses through their business page (if they have one)
  • Connect with other real estate agents who may want to advertise on social media platforms like Facebook
  • Connect with local community groups
  • Connect with people who are interested in real estate

Share Community Information & Market Statistics

When you share local information and market statistics, you’re offering your clients a way to learn more about their potential new home. This can help them make better decisions, which in turn benefits you. You may be familiar with the saying “knowledge is power,” but it also applies to real estate agents—the more you know about the market and your neighborhood, the better off everyone will be! Share community information by sharing general information about the neighborhood as well as local schools, demographics and traffic patterns. You can also discuss crime rates in the area (which could affect price) or businesses that offer resources for new homeowners (such as contractors).

Engage with Local Businesses

One of the best ways for real estate agents to engage their local market is through collaboration with local businesses. There are several ways you can do this, including:

  • Share information about a business’s services on your page or in an ad
  • Collaborate on events, promotions and advertising campaigns
  • Run a Facebook ad promoting the business

Run Social Media Ads for Properties for Sale

Social media is an important tool for every real estate agent. Facebook ads are a cost-effective way to advertise properties for sale and can reach a broad audience of people in your community. You can also use Facebook ads to target specific groups of people, like those who have shown interest in homes similar to the ones that you’re trying to sell.

Facebook offers several ad formats that make it easy for real estate agents to promote open houses and other listings:

  • Carousel Ads allow you to show multiple photos within one ad unit. This feature allows buyers who are interested in more than one property at once (or who are looking at more than one area) the chance to compare listings side by side without having to switch back and forth between pages or tabs on their browser window.
  • Video Ads allow sellers and agents alike an opportunity not only create their own videos but also include videos from popular websites such as YouTube or Vimeo within their posts if they wish (these video embeds will play automatically once clicked).

Facebook can be a great lead generator for realtors.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform with the largest user base of any social media site. In fact, 1 out of every 5 people who use the internet are on Facebook! If you’re not using Facebook to market your services, you need to start now before it’s too late.

Facebook can be used as a tool to find both buyers and sellers. It’s an excellent way to generate leads since many real estate agents have yet to master this feature of their business.