Due to the historical flaws of Internet Marketing when compared to the last 100 years of Print Advertising based marketing, point-of-sale/ on-site (Physical location based, like: at a store, etc.):  ALL internet marketers lose 98% of all Traffic they generate. All the traffic that comes through their online store (their website). Compared to the standard/ historical physical methods of marketing, as they were before the computer and internet, they always have (and still do) get a much higher percentage of prospects converting to leads and sales, far more than 2%. But… That obviously includes all the over-head costs associated with that MORE-EXPENSIVE form of marketing, example: print advertising, direct mail, physical store front, manufacturing costs & all the associated utilities. (All of which have gone way-up in price over the last 20 years to untenable levels, unless you are in Asia). The point is, there are over 2++ billion people on the net every day, 24 hours a day,  according to 2011 government statistics.

Who would believe the fact that even though we have all found the internet is more profitable than the physical world, clearly is fact. That almost all of the traffic companies pay for, gets lost.  (The money and the traffic)  Companies are set to shell out a total of over $19.9 billion for online ads this year, but the statistical fact almost NO ONE KNOWS is: just 2 percent of the Web surfers who are exposed to any form of advertising (this is even true for offline Advertising, yet worst), the advertising money will be spent, but only 2% on average who click on those ads (or follow through on a print ad) will return (and even fewer will actually make a transaction).  98% will leave your site, permanently. (this document is about the solution to that)

Solution To Wasted Internet Traffic?

Retargeting Technology is the first and the-only technology that exists singularly (ONLY) for that one reason (and nothing else) addresses this base-problem marketing has had for many decades, more completely than anything else. And remember there has only been 1 channel (1 Type) of Retargeting available to do all this. And it has always been EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE… That is until very recently. For the first time both of those issue are being addressed, but a FEW companies.  2011 has started to see the beginnings of the emergence of Retargeting 2.0, which is starting to address these issues.

What is a Cookie? 

(To understand Retargeting you have to understand what a cookie file is.)

In order to understand what a Retargeter is, you must first understand what a ‘COOKIE’ is. A cookie is a very important technology
(Made up of: [1] File Format. [2] Software. [3] Database Profiler System) that has been around as long as the public internet has been around.
The original name (and still actual name) of the COOKIE is called the: MAGIC COOKIE (which actually meant: FORTUNE COOKIE, by its original author).  The Retargeter cannot function without The Magic Cookie, in fact all the magic that Retargeter do is because of this Magic cookie. (today called simply: cookie.)

To understand how powerful Retargeter technology is (being that it’s the newest and most central activity of development in Internet Marketing today) you must first understand that its roots and foundations go back into the history of COOKIE technology, from day 1, to this day. Retargeters are built on Cookie technology, Cookie technology is built on a 65 year old database called the ISO system.  

The Cookie is built on a global database foundation that was founded in 1945.  Set-up and put in law in 1946 globally, through UN NGO’s, injected into government and industry globally. It is & always was a Tracking-System. The cookies foundation is a global tracking-system database called the ISO standard. 

This is critically central to today’s cookie & Retargeter technologies – this is what gives cookies their central role & global power, as a tool marketers can harness. The ISO standards tracking system goes deep into the global economic system, it is used in the Stock Market, the Global Monetary/Currency System and Global Intelligence agencies, but all the while that system was being set-up and used through global computer networks, today the world’s top 1% of Internet Marketers, along with websites like Google, Facebook, Youtube and all the other top players use it with Cookies in ways that extend even beyond internet marketing. 

Yet with those companies, and most of the top fortune 100 it is this element that is central to their intelligence gathering in their own Global Marketing Efforts, in addition to their top web-application technology. In other words, it is those companies (Fortune 100) that make up the base framework that the top Internet Marketing Tools in the world have been building off of all along

The result is, I have located the Epi-Center of Innovation on the Internet, as it relates to Internet Marketing and AI oriented data/research-collection on markets (that is Real-Time), that amounts a finding, on the order of magnitude that is the Holy Grail of Internet Marketing. Since this is the deepest most developed root that all the top internet marketing technologies have been, pulling from, the problem is, this level of info is 200 layers deeper than any Publishers or Advertising systems and networks – ever show or share.

 It is from this core that I have found the rare, few, hard to find RETARGETING – INTERNET MARKETING technologies (and their host companies). And even more important the best of them, that frankly do not even market themselves, since the top Fortune 100 (and 500) are all in to-one-degree or another on using their products/ services and technologies.

So a cookie file is what the Retargeter works off of. You put the Retargeter code (one line of snippet code) on your site, on every an any page you want. 

How Retargeting Codes Work

The Retargeter program through the snippet of code tells all the visitors browsers of your website to store their activities in their cookie file in their individual browsers, it tells the cookie to store and retrieve what it wants about each and every visitor. 

All the 15 Channels of types of data-collection (In the Retargeter Section above) you can get from every visitor of your site and/or email, all comes from this-process to COOKIE & RETARGETER working together. Yet it is 100% anonymous, because the Retargeter never communicates directly to the visitor’s browser directly, or indirectly, instead only through a data-center server farm that all those visitors cookies automatically store their data to, on their own. Its data already there and always going there, that is if you have access to (or can write the code) to communicate with that data-center, via a Retargeter Program. 

This is a Retargeter

Remember all computers and any portable Internet Device, has cookies, in one form or another it is still a cookie, and automatically that computer or device is always transmitting every internet surfers activities to these data-centers via the cookies. The Magic Cookies. Just to give you a glimpse of an idea just how big these global data-centers are that store and share everyone’s MAGIC COOKIES, let’s look at the global ISO databases that these datacenters and Magic Cookies work with:

From 1946 to 2011: The bulk of the work of ISO is done not just by thousands and global data-centers and servers, for the internet, but get this: also by the ***2700*** technical committees, subcommittees and working groups, these exist in almost every country on Earth today, and most since 1950. Each committee and subcommittee is headed by a Secretariat from one of the ISO standards/ database member organizations, in every participating country globally.  [ISO’s Headquarters is in:  Geneva, Switzerland. Since 1945.]

2700 humans (!) making new interconnects between every aspect of global business (among other things) tracking systems and codes, as a base logic, which is then handed over the programmers to put into databases,  software (like Browsers which always have cookie tracker technology) and any internet devices. 

This is how all those amazingly intricate PROFILES can be captured on EVERY PERSON ON THE INTERNET. There is an independent set of inter-connected tracking systems the cookies store data on, that goes from Country all the way down to IP address and every domain, sub-domain, website page they visit.


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