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Making money on Airbnb is great, but you have to market your property first. That can be intimidating if you’re not familiar with marketing or don’t know how to use social media. But even traditional strategies like writing a good description of your property can help make it stand out. Here are some tips that I’ve learned as I started my own Airbnb hosting business:

Marketing your property on Airbnb.

The first thing you should do is hire a professional photographer and editor. Start by making sure the photos they take are high quality, clean, and well lit. You can use their services to edit the photos as well. They will also be able to find the right keywords for your listing so that it shows up when people are searching on Airbnb or Google. Next, use a platform like Hostfully to manage your listings and communicate with guests before, during and after their stay in your property.

Create a thoughtful and appealing description of your property.

Next, you’ll want to write a thoughtful and appealing description of your property. This is one of the most important parts of marketing your Airbnb property, as it will be what first attracts guests and helps them decide if they want to book it. Your descriptions should include:

  • Descriptions that describe the property in terms of its features and amenities. For example, “This apartment has a large deck with views of downtown Boston” or “The kitchen is stocked with all the cookware you could need for an extended stay”
  • Descriptions about where the property is located (i.e., neighborhood information) in order to help guests understand how easy it may be for them to travel around town from there, plus which amenities are nearby—and thus convenient!
  • A history or backstory about why this particular home was chosen by its current owner(s) and why they think others might like it too…

Take great pictures.

When it comes to selling your property, the quality of your photos is very important. If you’re not a photographer, consider hiring one.

Take pictures in different seasons and at different times of day. This will show potential guests how the property looks in all kinds of lighting circumstances and weather conditions. You may even want to take pictures when the sun is setting or rising so that you can capture an image with beautiful natural light coming through the windows and highlighting certain features of the room or house.

While you’re taking these photos, make sure that they are sharp and clear—this will help them stand out when shown with other listings on Airbnb’s website or app! Take advantage of every angle possible; don’t forget about getting close-ups as well as wide shots so that people can see what it would be like if they were actually there!

Write about the area around your property.

When writing about an Airbnb property, it’s important to write about the area around your property. This can include local attractions, restaurants, bars and shops. You could also write about a local park or tourist attraction. Another option is to describe the local beaches that are close by.

Accept reservations for longer stays.

If you’re interested in accepting longer stays, Airbnb allows you to set up what’s called a “long-term” reservation. This is a reservation that lasts at least 30 days and can go up to 365 days. You can also use this option if you have multiple rooms available in your property or if you have an entire home available for rent on Airbnb.

Setting up long-term reservations will increase the amount of money you make because guests will have more time with which they can enjoy themselves and stay longer than they would otherwise—so it’s worth it! Plus, there are so many advantages involved here: your property will be exposed to more people; guests will feel like they’re getting their money’s worth; they’ll be able to book whenever they want (instead of having to rush things); and from there? They may leave reviews! As I’ve said before, reviews are one of the most important parts of marketing an Airbnb property—and these types of visitors love them: according to research by Hostfully , people who’ve stayed in an Airbnb listing for over two weeks tend to leave more positive feedback than those who’ve stayed less than seven days.

Use faceboook to get exposure for your listing

You can use Facebook to get exposure for your Airbnb listing. You’ll have to set up a business page and link it to your business account. After that, you can promote posts, create ads and even add events to your calendar. If you need help getting started with Facebook Ads, check out our guide on how to use them here.

Use instagram to get exposure for your airbnb page.

To get the most out of your Instagram page, use hashtags related to your Airbnb listing. You can search for these hashtags and add them to the caption or description of the photo you create. If you don’t know what hashtags are, read this article:

You can also create an Instagram ad campaign if you have a more substantial budget for marketing. This will help drive traffic back to your Airbnb profile that may not be familiar with it yet!

Use Pinterest to get a steady amount of traffic for free

You can use Pinterest to get a steady amount of traffic for free. It’s a visual social media platform, so it makes sense that you can use it for travel and home decor.

If you have an Airbnb property in a location where people are likely to visit, consider making your listing more appealing by posting photos of the place on Pinterest. This will help get views from people who are looking for places to stay in the area, which is always good!

Marketing your Airbnb property is relatively easy if you use the right tools.

  • Use Pinterest to promote your listing
  • Use Instagram to promote your listing
  • Use Facebook to promote your listing
  • Use Tiktok to promote your listing
  • If you want even more exposure, invest in Google Adwords and target people who are looking for Airbnb properties in the area where yours is located


  • -Good luck with marketing your Airbnb property! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I am always happy to help you out.