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ManyChat is the #1 Messenger bot platform for marketing, e-commerce, and support.

ManyChat is a tool that you can use to automate your Facebook Messenger marketing.

It’s also able to nurture leads by providing insights into who opens the messages and when they do so.

You can create automated bots on ManyChat where it replies automatically to messages in real time or schedule them ahead of time.

Over 1,000,000 businesses trust ManyChat to build a Facebook Messenger bot.

ManyChat is a Facebook Messenger bot platform that helps you build a chatbot and drive revenue with Messenger.

ManyChat works with your existing e-commerce store or website and exports leads directly into Google Sheets, making it easy to create custom campaigns in ManyChat.

Messenger bots can be used for lead generation, customer service and support, sales, marketing automation (SEO), branding & awareness campaigns—and ManyChat does all of these things!

Automated follow up vie email and sms.

ManyChat integration options

You can integrate your ManyChat campaigns with a CRM and send automated follow ups via email or SMS.

Zaiper is an automation tool that allows you to connect your ManyChat accounts with other apps, manage leads, send emails, and take action on social media.

With Zaiper’s email automation feature, you can automatically send follow up messages to new leads who don’t respond after the first contact attempt. These messages are sent according to your settings: when a lead hasn’t opened an email within X number of days or if it has been Y days since their last open rate (e.g., 3 days).